A Message From The Facilitator of East Bay ET

Hi! My name is Sharon and I am the facilitator of East Bay Essential Tremor Support Group.

First of all, I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Joe for sharing his ET and Deep Brain Stimulation story! (See "My Life With ET" below.)  Since you joined East Bay ET Joe, you have been an inspiration to all, and a huge help to me!

Thank you also for being our blogmaster! You gifted us with the means to share and discuss the trials, tribulations and even the joys of ET. Some of you may be thinking: Trials, yes! Tribulations, yes! But joys??! hmmm...

As it has been my honor to facilitate EBET for nearly twelve years, I can tell you that ET has brought me into the lives of many kind, supportive and funny people that I may not have met otherwise. It's such a wonderful feeling to discuss an ET issue or challenge with the group and feel so at home, so supported and so completely understood.

If you have not availed yourself to an ET support group, I encourage you to do so. And if you'd like to visit East Bay ET, I promise the group & I will make you feel right at home! Here's a bit about what you can expect:

After you contact me the first time (at EastBayET@comcast.net), we will exchange one or two conversations or emails so that I may answer any of your questions about our group. With your permission, I'll add your contact info into our ET member database, so I can remind you of the next meeting, any important ET research, or news pertaining to guest speakers. Last month we were privileged to learn about Lee Silverman's Voice Therapy, (LSVT), a form of speech therapy used to treat voice tremors associated with Parkinson's Disease and ET. In the months prior, we were visited by a Movement Disorder Specialist from UCSF. Although we enjoy our guest speakers, it's important to note that the main purpose of the support group is to support each other! And to realize that we who live with the challenges of ET are the real experts!! While you learn from our experiences, we will learn from yours!

We meet for two hours with a short break for snacks. The first hour begins with a few minutes of announcements prior to discussing new information or research about ET. The second hour is for personal sharing specific to Essential Tremor. IE: Which medicines work, which do not. Which doctors are empathic and knowledgeable and which are not!!! ETC, ETC! We have an extensive collection of information from the International ET Foundation (www.essentialtremor.org), as well as info about ET that we have learned along the way. We also have a one-of-a-kind lending library containing reading materials, DVD's and specialized items intended to make our lives with ET a little less challenging.

Please consider this your personal invitation to join us! If you've had a chance to read my thesis, you know my ET story. I'm looking forward to hearing yours!

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About East Bay Essential Tremor (ET) Support Group

The East Bay ET Support Group is based in San Ramon, California. We meet on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at the San Ramon Regional Medical Center. For information about the meetings, directions to the meetings, or just curious about Essential Tremor and would like to join the group, please contact Sharon, our Group's Facilitator, at EastBayET@comcast.net . You are encouraged to read the thesis written by our Support Group Facilitator, Essential Tremor: The Other ETThis is an excellent and detailed treatise regarding essential tremor . . . from one of our own!